We want to bring to your attention an important announcement from the IRS regarding revenue officer visits. Effective immediately, the IRS has decided to discontinue most unannounced visits to taxpayers, except in a few unique circumstances. Instead, revenue officers will reach out to you through an appointment letter and schedule a follow-up meeting. This decision comes in response to the increased security concerns faced by both taxpayers and IRS employees, with scam artists attempting to impersonate IRS agents at taxpayers’ doors, leading to confusion and potential risks for all parties involved.

With the implementation of these changes, we expect better protection against fraudulent activities and enhanced security during interactions with the IRS. The IRS is dedicated to improving taxpayer service, adding fairness to tax compliance efforts, and modernizing technology to provide a more efficient and seamless experience for taxpayers and tax professionals alike. Please be assured that these modifications aim to safeguard your interests and privacy while still allowing for essential IRS engagements.

We encourage you to stay informed about the latest updates from the IRS regarding these changes, as they will be updating their website and internal guidance accordingly. As always, our team of tax professionals at theKFORDgroup is here to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have. We value your trust and look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional tax services. 

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