theKFORDgroup Core Values And Guiding Principals


• We make every decision based on integrity and ethics

• We do things right the first time

• We recognize that our behavior outside the office reflects on the firm


• We are forward thinking & challenge the status quo

• We are open to new ideas

• We are continuously curious

• We strive for ways to overcome “No”


• We care for our team and clients beyond the financial aspects

• We create a warm and welcoming environment

• We deliver bad news quickly and compassionately

• We care enough to ask the tough questions

• We put ourselves in our client’s shoes

• We are generous to the community with


• We work with clients and professionals who share our values

• We work to eliminate surprises at all levels

• We encourage our clients to get all advisors around· the table at once

• We share knowledge openly with team members

• We trust our professional network to assist our clients as needed


• We value the important as well as the urgent

• We respond in a timely manner

• We handle questions with direct and timely communication

theKFORDgroup. Profit From Our Experience.

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