The Inflation Reduction Act increased the IRS budget by $80 billion over the next 10 years. With this said the IRS has written a Strategic Operating Plan for the years 2023 – 2031 in which it admits there have been issues with taxpayer services.

The Objective: 
Dramatically improve services to help taxpayers meet their obligations and receive the tax incentives for which they are eligible.

The IRS promises that all this will be possible once the service puts the following 12 Customer Service Initiatives into effect.  The initiatives are scheduled to be operative by 2025.

The 12 Customer Service Initiatives

    1. On-demand or scheduled customer service
    2. Expanded digital services to allow online filing of all documents and exchanges of correspondence
    3. IRS employees with the right tools and the right information to help taxpayers quickly
    4. Online accounts where taxpayers can view their personal information, make changes, interact with the IRS and manage preferences for payments, refunds and communication
    5. New options to file certain returns online
    6. Taxpayer ability to access, download and seamlessly share tax data and IRS history with tax practitioners and others
    7. Greater upfront guidance and clarity on legal issues
    8. Proactive alerts to help taxpayers meet deadlines and obligations, understand opportunities for incentives, and learn how life changes could impact taxes
    9. Better education and assistance in claiming available incentives for individuals and small business
    10. Easier, seamless payments across all IRS channels
    11. Better tracking tools for status, next steps, and estimated time to process documents and resolve issues
    12. Seamless multichannel assistance to resolve various issues in a single contact

Whether the IRS is overly optimistic on its own capabilities is yet to be seen.

This is a work in progress for the IRS so stay tuned and we will keep track of the new initiatives and as they come online and help you use them.

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