The 2022 Tax Pocket Guide is now available!

Since 2012, theKFORDgroup has created our Tax Pocket Guide to help both businesses and individuals understand the changes in taxes year-to-year and pertinent information for tax filings. Our Tax Pocket Guide is available at our office and online (download at the button below) year-round for your reference.

Here are the top three changes to be aware of when filing your taxes for 2021:

  1. Annual Gift Tax exclusion increase from $15,000 to $16,000
  2. Standard Mileage Rate for  Business Car Usage increase from 56 cents/mile to 58.5 cents/mile
  3. Contribution limit for 401(k) plan increase from $19,500 to $20,500

If you need help or have questions about filing your 2021 taxes, our team is here to help!

Download your 2022 Tax Pocket Guide here


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